Community Based
In the community based mentoring program mentors share in a long term friendship with their "little." Volunteers offer one year participation to meet with their "little" on a weekly basis at the convenience of both parties. This program is highly flexible and allows for endless possibilities.

Matches get to know each other by having fun doing activities out in the community. Taking a walk, helping bake cookies, going fishing and catching a movie are some of the ways matches develop their friendship.

School Based
A school based program is operated by Big Brothers Big Bisters of the Fox Valley Region in conjunction with local schools. In the school based mentoring program, volunteers visit a school near their home or work and are paired with a student on a one-to-one basis. These weekly meetings may occur on or off campus depending upon the age of the child. Matches usually meet for an hour over the lunch or after school for the duration of the school year.

Activities such as games, crafts, sports, reading and using the computer help develop a relationship with your little brother or sister while fostering their skill development, confidence, interest in learning and the importance of education.

Club Based
Big Brothers Big Sisters in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club provides an alternative mentoring opportunity. Volunteers come to the Boys and Girls Club facility between the hours of 3-7 p.m. and spend one hour hanging out with a child in need of a friend. This program offers a group atmosphere, available staff on-site as well as ongoing activities while you engage in a one-to-one relationships with a child.

Being at the Boys and Girls Club to play pool, laugh, listen about their day at school, toss a baseball, play candy land and share a smile are just a few ways to make a big difference in both your lives. Make your own website