Interested in Becoming a "Little?"
Thank you for your interest in considering our services for your child.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region is currently taking new applications for youth that are:

• ages 6 through 14
• and living in the following areas: Appleton, Oshkosh, Combined Locks, Greenville, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, Menasha, and Neenah

If your child meets the above criteria, please proceed to the client application below.

Fill out the below application and click submit. A professional case manager will begin to process your information as soon as it arrives. You will be contacted so further steps can be taken to get the child matched with a big brother or sister. FOR PROCESSING PURPOSES, ALL FIELDS MUST HAVE A RESPONSE.


Full Name

Email Address

Mailing Address

Relationship to Child

Child's Full Name

Child's Gender

Child's Ethnicity

Child's Date of Birth

Home Phone Number

Name of Employer

Work Phone Number

Cell Phone Number

Income Assistance

Child's School

Child's Grade

What is the primary reason for referral for this child to have a Big Brother or Big Sister?

Do you feel this child has any conditions that will affect him or her relating to a Big Brother or Big Sister? If yes, briefly explain.

Does your child have other siblings who could benefit from having a Big Brother or Big Sister?

What days of the week and at what times would it be most convenient to meet with you and/or the child to conduct an interview?

Program of Interest
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