Match Feature: BB Jim and BS Chris and LB Avery, matched on 11/25/2009

Upcoming Community Events for Matches
Here are a few ideas that may be of interest to you and your match!

Ways to Give Back
Want to do activities that are truly rewarding and give back to the community? Try doing community service activities with your match. By serving others youth develop an understanding and an appreciation for others in their community. Being involved in community service has a positive impact on the community and empowers youth to know that they can make a difference in the world! And when youth are part of positive changes in their community, they are more apt to make better decisions for themselves.

Take your BIG to the Paine Art Center...on you!
Enjoy doing projects in the Family Discovery Gallery for FREE with your Match Discount Card.
For available dates, times, and themes check out (

Home Depot Workshop
Home Depot workshops are the 1st Saturday of EVERY month from 9am-12pm. Bigs and Littles are welcome to attend, and you can sign up in the store, online, or simply show up the day of. You receive a free apron and pin and helpers are always available. For more information about themes can be found on their web site if you enter "workshops" in the search tool ( The sessions are completely free for everyone! Make your own website